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Forum Rules

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To ensure the forum will function properly, we have set up some general rules and guidelines which all members have to follow. In addition to these rules, it is encouraged to read these rules and guidelines on a regular basis as they might be revised in the future. If you are experiencing any issues with the forum, you can contact any of the administrators or moderators. Moderators have the responsibility to delete, clean up and act on their own initiative. This also includes taking action if a member is behaving in such a fashion which they believe should be resulted in a ban. When a member gets banned, their username will be noted for future references.



1 - Behavior: Be polite and practice common decency. Flaming, insulting, cursing or anything of this nature is not welcome here. Passive-aggressive behavior is also considered a violation.

2 - Posting: Do not post for the sake of just posting. A post should contain a body as well, hence posts consisting only of a couple of words should be avoided.

3 - Double Posting: Do not double post unless you have a good reason to (e.g. bumping, see Rule ยง6). Every post can be edited, so if you forgot to add something to your message change the original post instead of posting an entire new post.

4 - Language: This is an English speaking forum. If you would like to communicate or comment on someone in another language, you can use the PM function for this.

5 - SPAM: SPAM is defined by stupid, pointless, annoying messages. All though it won't be enforced all the time, excessive spamming will cause this rule to take affect and your post/thread will be taken down. If it is of a violent or unnessacary behavior then it will reslut in a probation for a time eriod as the admins/ Forum Moderators see fit.
6 - Bumping: Bumping (revival of old threads) is not allowed unless you have new and relevant information to add to the thread. If you don't, leave the thread dead.

7 - Personal Information: It is prohibited to share personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail) of other members without their permission. The information you hand out about yourself will be posted on your own responsibility.

8 - Poll Threads: Poll threads will continue to be up in dead post until 4 days after the last post in the forums by a moderator or someone of higher powers. Once the polls are closed, it can only be reopened by the person who closed it. And to reopen the thread, you have to have a legitimate reason for it to be reopened (I.E: new information, Modifying poll to fit new information).

9. If you receive a warning from a moderator/administrator make sure you take it to heart. Otherwise, if this is disregarded, it will result in a ban.

10. Have fun and post loads, but make sure it follows the rules.

11. Be respectful in your posts.

12. Don't be arrogant.

13. Hateful, discriminating or homophobic posts are prohibited.

14. Do not ask questions about something a sticky thread already has the answer to.

15. Do not create a topic directed to a specific person. Use the PM function for this.

16. Do not post pornographic content. This will result in a ban.

17. Responding to SPAM should be avoided.

18. If necessary, posts and threads may be moved/merged/edited/deleted.

19. If players share or sell their accounts for any reason, they will be immediately banned.

20. If a bug is found out, report it immediatley! Do not exploit it or abuse it. Exploiting or abusing a bug will result in a ban, legnth determined by admins.

21. No using a second account to push your own thread. It will result in a warning, if it continues and it involves nonsens spamming it will result in a ban.

22. Users of higher rank should set the example for the lower ranking or new users on the forums, this mean following all the rules as listed above.

*Rules may be edited in the future, please check them regularly

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