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List of all currently existing bugs

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This thread will list all available bugs on the game. That contains all bugs reported on Forum, Discord or found by myself.
I will sort these bugs in 3 categories:

[*]Crucial (Bugs which hugely impact gaming experience)
[*]Mediocre (Bugs which impact gaming experiences in some cases or are just annoying)
[*]Minor (Bugs which have almost no impact like display bugs,typos, wrong images,...)

This list will be very important to our admins and developers because they will take care about this. We want to make here sure that they can comprehend and reproduce any bug. Therefore I will keep this list updated and add new bugs or delete bugs which got fixed.

If you know about any bug which is not listed here, please post it below the thread and explain it (no how-to for exploits).
Exploits are marked red.

Crucial Bugs

[*]Error message: Network unstable! Occurs extremely often in following areas: Training area (in average every 20-30 minutes), Treasure Instances, Gear Instances, Team Instances. This is definitely a serverside issue or a bug in the game since everybody, no matter where he's from and no matter how good connection he has, is having this issue every day. Related merged thread: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13393-1-1.html
[*]After reconnecting in an Instance (most likely because of Network unstable error) there is not everytime the button (Continue Challenge) available, which is in about 1/3 of all cases. This means a great loss of daily rewards from instances.
[*]There are a many players who can't load the game or can't access to gamesprite.me and usual solutions like clearing Cache/Cookies, updating Browser/Flash Player or trying another Browser do not work. Related merged thread: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13817-1-1.html .Furthermore there are many players who can't load some features in the game properly, for example arena or different maps.
[*]Synchronization "Error" on this game. This one is a bit more complicated. Description: When attacking Players/Bosses/Monsters in certain situation your character goes back and forth which hugely delays your attacks. This happens when attacking with the maximum possible attackrange and mainly when using Auto-Battle. Best example to investigate the issue on yourself: run lvl 100 Instances on Auto-Battle and you see this "behaviour" at multiple bosses. Related merged thread: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13812-1-1.html                       Explaination: There is an "Error" between the synchronization between the Server and our game (Browser)
That means positions on the Server of enemies and characters are not revealed correctly on our Browser. Moving commands from every other unit (Player/Boss/Monster) are being synchronized on our Browser about every 2 seconds once, which means we miss any moving commands of the unit (Player/Boss) which are being made between the last synchronization the following 2 seconds.You can test that yourself  by playing 2 characters on one server and moving arround. Therefore, also player-positions aren't anywhere near to be displayed correctly. Fix this by improving the synchronization gap or simply by decreasing the attack range used in auto-battle by 1 cell.

Mediocre Bugs:
[*]Team Instance Room tab is bugged after reconnecting (because of Network unstable error in Training Area) and it freezes. It's not possible to start with the group, to leave the group or to join another group. The only thing which helps is reloading the page. This applies only to the one who had to reconnect. For the other Team members it looks like you left the group.

[*]Multiple BP Bonus in Stylish outfit tab when unlocking a new purple collection. Example: When unlocking the BP Bonus for the 100s purple collection it should provide 5k BP, but it provides 13.8k BP which is almost the tripple amount. This bug occurs since you have introduced the B. Power Boost option in Stylish Outfit tab. This means everyone who unlocked purple collections since that update has a bugged BP amount with actually provides useful stats unlike the fashion outfit bug and an unfair advantage against those players who unlocked their purple collections before that bug occured. Check out this thread for exact information and screenshots: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13736-1-2.html

[*]Potion auto-buy - While on Network Instability, potion fails to activate and auto buys 999 more (i got 40k pots once)

[*]Entrance  for lvl 110-120 Map is missing. It is impossible to get there without teleporting. That means it's a big problem for VIP 0 players who have to pay 100 Coupons for each teleport. My VIP 0 character has to pay tons of Coupons daily to do his quests.

[*]A few players encountered the issue that they couldn't claim daily Arena rewards after the daily reset and refreshing the page.

[*]It is (somehow???) possible to challenge Field Bosses which have a higher level than your character on the US Server which is clearly an exploit. Take a look at this thread and the screenshot for further information: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13851-1-2.html

[*]In certain situation, players can move arround after being killed with 0 HP. Those players are untargetable, they can't attack and they can't loot chests. But they can move arround and instant revive where they please.

[*]A few guilds encountered the problem that they couldn't progress in Alne when clearing floor 1. They couldn't move on to floor 2. Related thread: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13631-1-2.html

[*]During Auto-Battle Skill 3 isn't used regularly. Most of the times the character idles during the time when he should use Skill 3. That means they use skill 1, skill 2, wait, skill 4 which leads to a great DPS loss during Auto-Battle.

[*]Items can't be picked up after being for too long (over 1 minute) on the ground. Related thread: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-14001-1-1.html

[*]Wedding Ring Upgrade lvl 199 -> 200 might be bugged. This upgrade provides almost +900 Dodge, but it should be supposed to provide +8 Dodge for that upgrade. Furthermore, starting from lvl 200, the Dodge increases by +16 each upgrade which is the same amound for Crit, Tenacity and Hit. It should be supposed to increase by +8 (Which is the half but still +16BP) Bug or intended adjustment? Screenshot: http://imgur.com/OmkJOlo
[*]Timed Orbs from Treasure Cabinet expire at 11PM since the US Server Daylight Savings Time Change. It is also screws up the Treasure Cabinet and it shows every tab twice between 11pm to 12pm. Take a look at the Screenshot: http://imgur.com/tLIUgmv
[*]Aincrad Giftpack for every 10 floors does not provide any exp. For example, clearing floor 220 should provide 110m exp, but it didn't. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Drkw9ZF
[*]There are some players who reported an issue that during upgrading they suddenly purchased materials automatically even tough they didn't activate Auto Materials Purchase. Related thread with screenshot: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13678-1-2.html
[*]There is an exploit to make GFs immortal (not dying), not explaining this exploit on forum.
[*]There is an exploit to turn your mounted movespeed into your unmounted movespeed, which means being as fast as with mount without riding a mount.
[*]A player reported an issue that he couldn't fuse his gear with Sage attribute anymore, equip keeps changing instead of a Fusion window popping up. Related thread with screenshots: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-14194-1-1.html

Minor Bugs

[*]Body Flicker tab always shows the picture of a ranger, regardless which class is being played. Related thread: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-14003-1-1.html

[*]When multiple times clicking on a chest to collect, the character is auto-pathing to a randomly chest far away.
[*]When fighting bosses, damage ranking sometimes doesn't appear.
[*]When doing the last hit on a boss, the damage dealt with the last hit isn't add up to the damage ranking.
[*]When linking/showing an item in the chat, censoring applies to it. This happens for Uranus Token and any other item containing "gm" in their name.
[*]Online time count for Benefit Hall and Splendid Event continues when not logging out before maintenance.
[*]Player Kill "achievement" messages appear in different events everytime when a player kills a monster(somebody has killed 100/1000/10000 Players/Monsters)
[*]Some players received Sword Hell Clearer title (10k kills) but ddidn't receive Sword Hell Elite title (1k kills). Related thread with screenshots: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-14002-1-1.html
[*]I had a bug where my unbound cor did reset at about 4.3B back to 0. It got fixed after I submit a ticket and I got my cor back. But there is still a "hidden" cap of maximum cor. For example when I look in guild donation at the cor I could donate, it says I have only 1.3B cor. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/8RONyUk so there is still a hidden cor limit at arround 4.3B. Furthermore, this character isn't having the Zillionaire title, but the Millionaire title. But my other character who has ~1.5B Cor is having the Zillionaire title (of course same server).
[*]There are Life Guardian titles but there is no Life Guardian ranking, so the titles aren't available.

[*]When upgrading  T1 -> T2 Blacksmith Girl and Berserker Healer GF the LP bar is not displayed correctly. It fills way too fast and the GF doesn't upgrade even when the LP Bar is filled. Related thread with screenshot: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13732-1-2.html
[*]There are a few html coding errors in Encounters description of Bosses. Related thread with screenshot: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13756-1-2.html
[*]Holy Shield description is not correct. It says the effect is triggerd by dodge and decreases incoming damage by 50% for 5 seconds. It works another way: Can trigger at every enemies attack and decreases only this damage by 50%. No 6 seconds, no trigger by dodge.
[*]There is a visual bug in the Doomsday tab when opening it in the World Tree Event as Knight. Related thread with screenshot: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-13538-1-2.html
[*]When checking all mails and hit "One click claim" some items stay in mails.
[*]There is a bug with pixie cooldown showing on the pixies bar. When rotating between 3 pixies for triggering their effects, if at least one of them has a different effect cooldown, one of the cooldown timers will not trigger untill the next proc of that effect. For example: when using 2 pixies with 45 sec cooldown and 1 with 60/90 sec cooldown, either both the 45 second cooldowns will not visualise or the 60/90 second cooldown will not visualise.

That's it so far. Please add any bug which is not listed here yet and please describe it as prcecise as possible and attach a screenshot if possible.

mewotaku Publish time 2016-11-23 11:10:06

when I log in, it keeps making me restart the game, and I lose all my progress. it makes mme start from the beginning all the time.:Q

Rawberry Publish time 2016-11-23 11:17:03

mewotaku replied at 2016-11-23 18:10 static/image/common/back.gif
when I log in, it keeps making me restart the game, and I lose all my progress. it makes mme start f ...

please describe it as prcecise as possible and attach a screenshot if possible.

DiglettThePkMn Publish time 2016-11-23 14:18:32

mewotaku replied at 2016-11-23 11:10 static/image/common/back.gif
when I log in, it keeps making me restart the game, and I lose all my progress. it makes mme start f ...

are you sure you are logging in to the same server?
if you just log on to recommended server every day you'll just be playing on a different server very often because so many new servers are made.
please verify if you are logging in to the same server as you logged in before.
the easiest way to do this is via the 'last login history' on your homepage

MistyMeow Publish time 2016-11-29 23:00:45

The Unstable network dcs have started popping up in sword hell a lot lately as well now. The last sword hell just few mins ago I got it like 10 times. And this past week I have gotten it at least 1-4 times a sword hell.

Rawberry Publish time 2016-11-29 23:03:08

MistyMeow replied at 2016-11-30 06:00 static/image/common/back.gif
The Unstable network dcs have started popping up in sword hell a lot lately as well now. The last sw ...

I didn't experience any network issues in swordhell so far, maybe once a week.
Can you tell me on which Server do you play and if other players had the same issue?

MistyMeow Publish time 2016-11-29 23:05:35

Edited by MistyMeow at 2016-11-29 23:26

On s59 and I've had few others in SK getting the same problem. It started recently. Lost about 12,000 passes trying to farm fl6 in the past couple weeks.
Its serverside issues because I don't have the problem in other events like Tree, Party, Lair, Seige, Field bosses, etc.

b4zqfb8qpsv5 Publish time 2016-12-3 13:12:53

Edited by b4zqfb8qpsv5 at 2016-12-3 15:17

The Aries fragments drop now.

Rawberry Publish time 2016-12-3 13:23:11

- 2 Crucial exploits fixed which could increase DPS
- Aries Token drop fixed
- US Daylight Time Change bug fixed (Treasure Cabinet/Splendid Events)
- Fashion BP Bug fixed

zWeekGirL Publish time 2016-12-28 18:58:19

i cant delete people on my friend list but other people can
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