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Ticket Format

Dear Players,

It's Nami (known as Calf Niu in the ticket system) here, the one who reply the tickets. As you know, we are in different timezones. If I don't get enough information in the ticket, it will be rather hard for me to report your problem to the responsible team. Then, I'll reply for further information, which will make the process even longer, and your problems will not be solved effectively and efficiently. Therefore, I'd like to post a thread concerning the Ticket Format.

The information we need:

1) Server Number and Character Name:Must, we cannot check anything without it, for example, s11.Nami
2) Screenshoots showing your problems:Optional, but it will be better to have it, cuz it will help us to know what the problem is quickly; If you cannot upload your pic, because it's too large, please make it a link
3) Registered email:Optional, generally speaking, the email you use in the ticket is the registered email
4) Payment email:Must, if your problem is payment related. The majority of the payment-related problems happen because players use use more than 1 card to top up, which is not allowed, according tothe G2S's policy.​If it's the case, please tell us the card you'll use(last 4digits, must) and the holder's name(optional)
5)Short Description:Must, it will help us have a better understanding about your problems
We're sorry that currently we only have English Support in the English Version. We'll appreciate it if you can write English Tickets, or it will be hard for me to understand it (I use Google Translator, but some tickets are still meaningless to me).If you speak French or German, you can also choose to play French or German Version in EU servers.If you have any questions in these version, you can write to German Support: or French
Wish you'll have a good time here
Thank you

BabeYeoRrim Publish time 2017-1-5 06:35:09

registered email address:
I lost 100 diamonds that I have received from the Christmas event.
I am certain that I have never spent it to anything. It is the same case with my bf. He lost 100 diamonds too, on the same day that I have lost mine.
The only thing that we both did that day was to click the Christmas buff only to find out that that event is over.
Please kindly attend to this matter. Thank you in advance.

Please, kindly attend to this. Thank you in advance.

GoldenWind Publish time 2017-1-6 00:14:18

BabeYeoRrim replied at 2017-1-5 06:35 static/image/common/back.gif
registered email address:

Hi, I've reported this case to the Developer Team, and they'll check it as soon as possible.
We'll let you know if there is any result.
PS: In order to protect your private information, please create a ticket next time. Thank you:)

KiRiku555 Publish time 2017-1-14 18:31:14

reanas replied at 2017-1-14 18:20 static/image/common/back.gif
we need more orange gear fragment event nd weeding ring free temporally

Why would you post that here?
And why would the devs "temporarily" make marriage free? You could easily earn enough diamonds from the christmas event to propose, and if you missed it, just wait until the next event and hope they offer free diamonds again.
As for orange frags, just be patient, it will take a long time, but eventually you will have full orange gear.

LiarKing Publish time 2017-1-17 10:06:28

ı dont understand ticked format
what is ticket ?

delurakos Publish time 2017-1-18 06:08:37

server 3 eu delur
ive lose 200 diamonds after a network problem:'(

NeverSick Publish time 2017-1-23 22:10:48

Edited by NeverSick at 2017-1-23 23:02

1) Server Number and Character Name:

EU57 XxNeverSickxX

2) Screenshoots showing your problems:

Not needed since Problem is self explainable...

3) Registered email:

Check it in my Profile ^^ or only per PM

4) Payment email:

Not needed!

5)Short Description:

Wanna start a discussion about one big Problem, don´t know where to put this?

Since im VIP 4 allready and got Pixie Pina, today is my 7th day in the game and i still didn´t took "Sign in" bonus to get another Pina, since only motion to inventory will appear...

Got this from other Players.

Do we get a compensation for this, since Pixie is not obtainable twice ?

Thank you,


Kazukiel Publish time 2017-1-23 22:29:30

Edited by Kazukiel at 2017-1-24 16:30

You can get Pina from signing into the game for x amount of days OR from the VIP 3 reward. This was set up so that a VIP 3 player could get Pina instantly rather than having to wait until you have signed-in for x amount of days. You cannot get Pina twice (or any boost for 'getting' Pina twice), and, thus, there would be no compensation.

Realistically, the VIP level rewards are pretty low grade (except for the super upgrade rice rolls, super mount skill book, the sage ring, and the divine weapons) simply because you can just get the pixies from signing into the game for x amount of days.

For future reference, if you need to submit a ticket, you can do so by following this link and signing-in with your SAO Legends account.:
Alternatively, you can click the "SUPPORT" button on the bottom left-hand corner of your SAO legends game screen.

NeverSick Publish time 2017-1-23 23:09:24

Kazukiel replied at 2017-1-23 22:29 static/image/common/back.gif
You can get Pina from signing into the game for x amount of days OR from the VIP 3 reward. This was  ...

Thank you for your explanation and support. As a new player i collect new knowledge everyday!

Grycan Publish time 2017-2-8 03:42:26

Edited by Grycan at 2017-2-8 14:42

s10064 Grycan

I dropt dodge 500 skil book, i have mount T4 so 2 slot active for skills, in first slot i have 3000 dmg buf from log in evenst.
I use book from drop and skils replaced.... It shouldnt... now i have 1 skil... its shame.... i lost 30% dmg.. i should be have 2 skillss

Help me thx
If i have 2 slot and tier 4 mount i should be have 2 skils ( description on mount )
PL help me
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