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How to make a proper and useful Bug Report

Recently I have seen way too many bug reports which were pretty much useless due to lack of information. I know there are many bugs and many new bugs which occur on updates and they are most likely very annoying, but please take your time to make a proper bug report.

So here is a quick Guide how to make an useful Bug Report which helps me, the players, the support and the developers to understand and reproduce your problem.

1. Do not repeat post a bug. Take a look at other Bugs which have been reported recently (at least first page of Ingame bugs) and at this thread: http://forums.gamesprite.me/thread-14070-1-1.html

2. Give us your Server and character name, so we can figure out if there are just some servers which are affected by the bug or if it is a character related problem. Example: US s11.Nami or EU s10001.Nami

3. Describe your problem as accurate as possible. Give any detail which comes to your mind.

4. Attach a Screenshot everytime if possible. This is very important in order to understand and reproduce the bug for the Devs.

5. Do not post exploits. Report them either as Ticket to the Support or to me via PM

That's it so far. Follow these guidelines and you'll help to improve the game.
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