SCAdmin Publish time 2018-2-10 20:07:52

Bug Hunter

Dear players,
Welcome to Soul Calibur!

During the Alpha Test, if you discover any bugs or mistakes in the game, please reply this post in the following format:

a. Character Name:
b. Detail Explanation of How You Get This Bug:
c. A Screen Shot of This Bug:

When the Alpha Test is over, we will release the list of players who can claim rewards in official forum. Players from this list should contact our support team to claim rewards in the first 7 days of OBT. After confirmation, rewards will be sent to your in-game mail.


1. Serious Bugs(Such as Game Crash, Data Loss, etc.). Rewards: 200*Gold
2. Functional Bugs. Rewards: 100*Gold

Note: Please reply the bugs at this post only, or you'll lose the chance to get reward. Regarding repeated bug reports, only the player who posted first will be rewarded.

Soul Calibur Operating Team
Feb 10, 2018

Sierrana Publish time 2018-2-11 11:47:57

Edited by Sierrana at 2018-2-11 19:55

Does it happen on purpose that the test server isn't working?

MogriGames Publish time 2018-2-11 13:57:32

It is because of that

MogriGames Publish time 2018-2-12 08:06:25

I claimed the Rewards in Arena after that i closed it and re open it.
than there was still "claim rewards"

MogriGames Publish time 2018-2-12 09:11:58

Everytime i walk near that Npc i get stuck
I need to klick around 6 times fast on a other place to get out

Sierrana Publish time 2018-2-12 10:41:49

Edited by Sierrana at 2018-2-12 18:43

Char: EU57 Eragon

Auto Pathfinding want to leave the map on the way to the NPC Mercenary.

MogriGames Publish time 2018-2-12 11:45:37

Edited by MogriGames at 2018-2-12 23:49

Got relic befor lv 65
I just opened Advance and than it was there to upgrade (no screen sorry)If you buy the orbs you can open it

MogriGames Publish time 2018-2-12 11:48:47

Edited by MogriGames at 2018-2-12 19:57

Stuck in place not even Magic shoes let me out of there
I was on the way to the next quest
after reset it worked

MogriGames Publish time 2018-2-12 12:02:54

Language is wrong

MogriGames Publish time 2018-2-12 13:25:49

Stuck after leaving Bloody Battle
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