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How to make a proper and useful Report

Dear Players,

We're glad to tell you that our SoulCalibur journey is about to start soon! Welcome to Soul Calibur, it is time to make your legend.
Unavoidably, however, you may come across some problems or questions, while you are playing the game. Please feel free to contact us via mail.
So here is a quick Guide on how to make a useful Bug Report which helps us to understand and reproduce your problem.

1.Give us your Server and character name, as well as your Registried E-mail
So we can figure out if there are just some servers which are affected by the bug or if it is a character related problem. Example: s1.GoldenWind
2. Describe your problem as accurately as possible
Give any detail which comes to your mind(English Only).
3. Attach a Screenshot everytime if possible
This is very important in order to understand and reproduce the bug for the Devs. If you don't have any screenshots, please describe your problem and tell us when it happens.
4. Your Payment E-mail(Only Necessary when it is a Recharge Problem )
5. Please do not spam or write excessively long mails
Spam/ Excessively long mails/ Mails with curse are highly likely to be filtered by our mail system, which will result in no reply to your mail.

That's it so far. Follow these guidelines and you'll help to improve the game.
For more in-game info(like strategy, features, and functions), you can also join our Discord:

Thank you for your cooperation. Hope you'll have a good time in SoulCalibur!{:3_48:}{:3_48:}

The SC Support Team

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