GoldenWind Publish time 2018-9-5 02:44:40

September Event

Dear Players,

Another round of Monthly Events is coming—— September Event!!{:3_48:}{:3_48:}

The Special Title and The Lucky Bag(NEW VERSION) will remain.

For more info, please refer to:

Time: Sep 1st -- Sep 30th

Let's boost our BP to prepare for the coming events and features!{:2_31:}{:2_31:}

August Events will be overdue on Sep 15th. Please contact us as soon as possible to claim your Rewards.

PS: If you have any suggestions or ideas for the coming Anniversary Events, please feel free to tell us.

Thank you

The SAO Support Team

iLucifer_ Publish time 2018-9-6 02:34:06

Edited by iLucifer_ at 2018-9-6 20:37

aHow do we get Special Title?

TsukiTagsuki Publish time 2018-9-10 10:06:38

agreed, who do you get Special Title?

Kiotaro Publish time 2018-9-10 17:19:11

TsukiTagsuki replied at 2018-9-10 10:06 static/image/common/back.gif
agreed, who do you get Special Title?

check this link
you will find the info on how to get the title

TsukiTagsuki Publish time 2018-9-12 09:21:15

Kiotaro replied at 2018-9-10 17:19 static/image/common/back.gif
check this link

Thanks alot!

WarlicKeg Publish time 2018-9-14 17:15:12

Edited by WarlicKeg at 2018-9-14 17:24

well the stack size for body flicker and life gardien can be raised to the same size as the other orb counts....potions can give a % oh ur hp instead of just 1200 hp...u can see how if u have 68m health poitions that only give 1200 might take...well for ever to heal u
u can make it so u can sell constellations .....add a feature that will let me turn my old rune into rune awakening stones....also  enchanted gemstone are usless for like 90% of players as they have maxed them out and are no longer able to use these i have a stack of 1000 and iv been maxed out for over a year now so plz add somthing so i can use these


WarlicKeg Publish time 2018-10-16 16:36:59

changing up the events so its not repeating is an easy way to keep old evens feeling frech and new...keep it up
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