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Advanced Guide 21→50 [Copy URL]

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Hello Again,
This time our guide will be less specific and a little different, since you know how to do your quest we will focus more on new functions you've unlocked

first of all, the place you will be unlocking:
Lvl20→ Still the city of Kings.
Lvl30→ Dark Castle.

Lvl40→ City of Long Night.
Lvl50→ City of Permanent Winter.

Level 20 Dungeon "Island of the Beast"
This dungeon is very important for the lvl 27, if you are able to do it, it will give you pure iron ore, skill cards for your pet, skill book and eggs for the pet function !
Skill book for pets unlock skill for your pet and allow them to learn skills with the skill card.
The pure iron ore will allow you to upgrade the equipment of your pet from lvl 20 up to lvl 40. From blue quality to Purple Quality.

Level 24 Ship Exploration
At level 24, we will unlock the functionnality "Ship Explore", this option allow you to gain some gold very easily and quickly within a certain amount.

once a day, you have a free exploration, after that it will cost diamonds.

Level 27 Pets, Dailies and PetCom

When you reach lvl 27, you will unlock the Daily Tab, it contains 3 objectives to do to obtain some XP, but this option also allow you to see the time for some events occuring during the Day.
The other option is PetCom and is much like the Arena but for your Pet

Level 30 Gladiators Arena / Monthly Card / Cultivate Captain/ Bounty Quest/ Abyssal island / Ship Transformation / Crystal / Treasure Island.
Reaching level 30, you will unlock the Gladiator Arena, it looke like the classic arena but this one is cross server, every 2 weeks you can win impressive rewards, the better you are ranked, the better the rewards.
You also have the Monthly card, it costs 288 diamonds for the Gold version, 899 for the Platinum version, you will receive a daily pack for your version.
A New option is available named "Cultivate", you can boost your captain with cards you obtain inside some events or the Tavern.
after a quest during your lvl 30, you will obtain bounty quest. 6 times a day, you can obtain captain souls to improve your ship and gain gold plus some items.
Abyssal island is next, a series of combat pretty difficult, you better come prepared, you have the capability to obtain obsidium freely there.
do some more quest and you will unlock the "Transform" option for your ship, you need to do the quest AND have a ship of lvl 30 at least. With this option you will be able to add lot's of items on your ships, they will also add crystals slot that you can obtain during different events, the fortune wheels, some fight and dungeons and in the Treasure island that you will unlock at the same level.
Speaking of which, Treasure island is a series of battle that you can reset once a day for free, you win Gold, Xp and crystals there.

Level 35 Escorting.
When you reach lvl 35, you unlock the function Escorting, you have 3 daily attempt, this provides alot of Gold and some XP, once the Escort is validated you must bring a cargo to it's destination, with auto traveling, be careful your PvP banners is activated during escorts, and you can be attacked by other players of the opposite factions.

Niveau 36 Astrology
At lvl 36, you will unlock Astrology, a function that allow you to boost your stats when you equip "stars" to your captain, you can pick almost every stats, you can win stars by clicking on the orbs under the options or by using the Astro Quick. It has 5 tries a day, the rest is buyable with gold.

Level 40 Mist Island / Horror Island / Partners.
When you reach lvl 40, you will unlock Mist Island, accessible while talking to NPC "Garnison Commander Dallion". It's a simple island where battle will occur against groups of ennemies, chest to be opened or a battle against an ennemy that will give either XP in good quantity or Gold, Finally Pvp Battle against a random opponent of your level, if you make it through the island a special reward is given.

Level 50 Statues
(The option is obtain on "Angel Or demon")
Finally level 50, you will unlock the statues of Gods, a very useful help ! they will allow you to gain two passiv skills and one active skill for your captain and/or for yourself. Those capacity changes depending on the type of statues you have equipped.
They will also give Bonus Stats, you can upgrade them by forging them.
You can ask yourself  "How can I obtain those statues ?" it's very simple ! you just need to click on Explore within the Tab, there will be two categories, one that will give you God Skill Books, to upgrade passives and actives for your statues AND statues with Gold.
And the second one, to win relics to incrust inside the status and identification scrolls with gold.

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