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Strategy guide. [Copy URL]

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I dont know if we are allowed to post here.
But here is a guide for new players as the admin has already answered all the basics here some ingame tips.
Other players feel free to post your info here and help out new players.
High br?
Im not good at helping on this note but i can give you  a run down.
Fastest way to increase BR?
Spend alot of money! thats a given this is a P2W after all ;)
Other ways to increase BR  while being Free to play.
Make sure to upgrade equips yes it gets expensive and as free to play you are at most going to be +8 everything
Make sure to Imbue your gear aswell you do not have to keep it "spread" you can focus certain gear like lets say you want more damage and care nothing for Defence/dodge and what not.
Imbue the RIGHT side of the gear page.
As everything on that list except for the bracelet adds Attack/Crit/Hit rate.
Left side focus more on Dodge/Defence/Hp/Tenacity

if you have a good player like me who can tank bosses for you.(litterally lvl 85 boss does 1 damage to me) let them tank the monster and focus on Attack/Crit/Hit rates.
this will increase your DPS meaning you will get higher on the Damage leaderboard thus getting more rewards.
there are people lower br than me but still out DPS me because they focus'd Damage im a All around build with a little bit of more Defence.
Higher DPS higher leaderboard on bosses=More rewards=More upgrades=More Br.
Higher dps=Focus on the First skill of your character (1 hot key) this is the most DPS skill you have.

Yes as you get higher in the dungeon they become insanely difficult.
Make sure to spend coupons and clan contribution points on health potions these will auto heal you for 20% hp but with 10second cool down.
If you can do alot of damage when you're low hp RUN from the boss wait 10-20 seconds to heal up once or twice then engage again repeat PICK N POKE at the boss until you beat it. Do not just "auto battle"
If you have "rock" he lowers the enemy's Damage output  this is Why manual battle is mandatory for higher floors. do not auto battle or you will most likely die every time.
Remember to use artifacts.
One lowers Defence ofthe enemy's this is a free artifact you get on daily log ins.
Press 1 repeatedly do not let auto battle take over using the other skills the first skill you get has the highest DPS of the 4.
Pressing 1 repeatedly will ultimatly raise your DPS making floors easier to clear.
Every 10 waves you get Massive rewards to help you upgrade including Orbs/Roses/Fashion cards etc
Enhance stones and imbue stones.
Some floors even give you a TON of coupons.
Make sure to use your Daily wipe out near the end of the day once you fully leveld up the most you can and gotten as strong as possible.
then do your dungeon runs and get to the highest floor you can possibly get to.
Then use wipe out this will increase your rewards.

Make sure to Upgrade your gems the BR rise is small but it makes a huge difference. Damage Gem attack gem and Crit gems are the main 3 you need for DPS.
Each item can have "5gems" if you spend the gold to get them.

Consecrate=You need LEGENDARY gear and +10 it cost 100 of the Equip piece things you get(forgot name) but you get them from Boss battles.
And 10 Holy waters(2000 Gold)
For F2P you might aswell ignore this....

Leveling Up Guides.
21:00 Everyday there is a event called "infernal vault" this will give you a TON of exp 100k br and below should stick to floor 1 and 2. around 200k+ u can move to floor 3.
I amd 350k BR and floor 4 Chiefs take a min for me to kill thus lowering my EXP gain so i stick to floor 3 for faster kills and higher EXP rate.
if you have Orbs for bonus exp. do not waste them early in the day. Save them for the Infernal Vault i went from lvl 69 to 74 within 40minute time frame by stacking multiple Orbs
Also Bloody Battle the winner gets a DOUBLE exp item for the ENTIRE clan. Please if you win this item use it during infernal vault. not only will it benefit you but the rest of your clan.
As infernal gives the most EXP out of anything else in the game.

Higher level=Higher rewards.
If you have the time infernal is at 21:00 and last world boss is 21:55 this means for 2 hours there is no event before reset. within that 2hours is the perfect time to do your "daily" quest and daily hunts as you will be the highest level you can get for the day which will boost your silver and XP gain.

Fastest leveling possible:
Simply grind and grind and grind some more.
Do miss a single event
Goddess event best exp=get 15/15 Gold chest ignore bronze and silver.
Race=You get shards for a Exclusive mount u only get from the race. you need 120  Shards to make this transform Permanent. but it gives a nice stat boost. so try and make sure to get as many race events in as you can <3

Lvl 70/75 clan boss Drop boar shards you need 240 for permanent and it gives a crap ton of br and its a sexy little piggy <3

Each clan can have 2 leaders a Warlord and a Leader.
These are the only 2 players who can upgrade the clan. which has Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum requirments so please make sure to grind and contribute all of your medals to help level your clan.
Higher level clan Higher stat boost for every1 in the clan.
WARLORD CAN NOT GET other daily position salaries.
So please be mindful to the rest of your clan and either take Leader orWarlord taking both just shows you are a greedy dirt bag <3 its also good to have 2 leaders so if one is not online the other most likely will be. Every1 in the clan usually looks up the to warlord or leader for guidance.
Please despite rank/br/level if a player has questions or needs help try and help out the friendlier the players are here the more people will join simply because we have a good community and a helpful community which will increase our player gain because more people will play and more people will invite there friends if we are nice people <3
Make sure to do daily prayer(I would advise coupons as each boss gives you 10 coupons world boss spawns 5 times a day and clans periodicly throughout the day so getting the coupons needed is Easy.
Level 70*follow main quest*
you can do 2 quest every day and claim a Squad box every day
Make sure to do these quest with your squad to level up squad and your personal Rankings with valor shards.
this will increase your stats and BR.
You also unlock Skill exclusive to squads which raises every1 in the squads BR if they are on same map.

Partners:F2P are limited here. it cost 100 gold to marry.
2 quest per day if you have the gold for double its better to run it with BOTH Husband and wife as you will both benefit from the bonus's and unlocking higher tier quest requires certain ranks.
Lvl 10/60/100 these quest will get hard eventually so you want all the help you can get to speed things up.
raise intamacy to increase your rank this will boost your BR by quite a bit.

Sets: You do not need to get all the gear for each level if you have full lvl 80 gear it will allow you to activate 50/60/70 and 80. so focus on leveling and getting higher level gear do not waste your runs on low level missions ismply because "i need 1more lvl 50 item" Well get the lvl 60 or 70 version and it will auto fill the lower level.

This is all i have for now. As i have to go i have stuff to take care of In real life.
hope this helped out.

but most of all guys the best way to get stronger and level-Be active
Be nice
Be friendly
And have fun :3 if you cant have fun playing the game then you will eventually quit and you will never see them highBR's or feel the glory of standing infront of bosses taking 1 damage while every1 else kills it. you feel like a god man its like here you little ones i will protect you <3 lol

S1 Tenkari

Tenkari Server 999 Alpha
Rank 1 Player 329k Br
Lvl 85!~!
TenkariS1 King of FC ;D

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