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Invisibility Glitch [Copy URL]

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Post time 2018-11-4 13:50:14 |Show all posts
Alright, so i'm currently power leveling a new character on S313 (newest EU server).

All went well until PvP events were released, where I ran into the currently ranked #2 Player in BP (i'm #1 by a long shot),
Who has resorted to the use of Glitches and Bugs within SAO Legend which allows him to be invisible at all times,
I cannot see nor lock onto him with SHIFT or any other keybinds, no it's not an issue on my end because everything else runs smooth and fine.
Please look into this, or atleast tell me whether there's a way to counter this because i'm tired of dying to some spastic little cheater who cannot die.

Sincerely, a disappointed customer who regrets spending a dime on this MMO seeing as the creators give zero fucks about us.
'Commitment' i'm all about results! :

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Post time 2018-11-7 13:40:04 |Show all posts
I never heard about an invisibility glitch, therefore I would be grateful if you could somehow contribute an useful screenshot to this.

This game has a desync issue, though it should not be considered as a bug as it is a common problem when using Flash Player for a browsergame.
I also have this on my list, which is almost 2 years old.
That means positions on the Server of enemies and characters are not revealed correctly on our Browser. Moving commands from every other unit (Player/Boss/Monster) are being synchronized on our Browser about every 2 seconds once, which means we miss any moving commands of the unit (Player/Boss) which are being made between the last synchronization the following 2 seconds.You can test that yourself  by playing 2 characters on one server and moving arround. Therefore, also player-positions aren't anywhere near to be displayed correctly.

So I assume ur enemy isn't using a glitch, but just enters your screen in a desync moment, but in that case the enemy would just appear about a second later on your screen.

If you are absolutely not able to see or track him within seconds, then he is probably abusing another glitch.
In that case, your character is actually glitched in a PvP area after you revived in the safe area. Serverside, your character is still in the PvP area and can be targeted (and attacked once you enter any pvp area again).
The only way to fix this glitch yourself, is by moving on the screen of the Player who is attacking you, which will force the server to resync your character.
Though this glitch occurs very seldomly and it is difficult to say if somebody is abusing it or not, as on his screen you just revived at the same place where you died and just idle there.

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Post time 2018-11-8 22:57:38 |Show all posts
how can you tell me that i still getting lag

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