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Daily Event Introduction [Copy URL]

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Post time 2016-5-5 19:57:42 |Show all posts

We have prepared a lot of events in game. Players who reached the level to join these exciting challenges can win abundant rewards. Don’t forget to boost your battle power to get a better result in these events!

Click the “Daily” button in the upper part of the main interface to check the daily events.

The first tag “Schedule” displays all daily event. If you want to know more about these events, please select one and check the detailed information in the right part of daily interface.


Brief Introduction

1.        Field BOSS:

(1)        Field BOSS will appear at 10:00, 13:00, 16:30, 18:30 and 23:00 in special location every day.

(2)        Reward will be sent according to BOSS Damage Rank

(3)        A special reward will be sent to player who dealt the last blow

2.        Chest Rain:

(1)        Gold Chests will appear at 10:30 and 14:30 in main city.

(2)        All players are able to collect Gold Chests

(3)        Open Gold Chests to obtain abundant reward. Each player can only use 50 chests daily.

3.        Siege The Fairy King:

(1)        Oberon and other BOSS will appear every 15 minutes in the event.

(2)        Players in BOSS Damage Rank can win a lot of reward.

(3)        All players from the same guild as BOSS slayer can obtain an additional reward.

(4)        If players killed BOSS successfully, a lot of Chest will appear and all players are able to collect BOSS Chests.


4.        Alne Search:

(1)        Players can join Alne Search to find treasure at 12:00 and 21:30 every day.

(2)        There are four floors in the event area. Each floor is guarded by a BOSS.

(3)        Players must defeat the BOSS so to collect the treasure of each floor.

5.        Sword Hell:

(1)        This event opens at 10:00 and 15:00 every day

(2)        Event area is Camp PK mode. Despite PK part, players can also challenge BOSS or Elite Monsters to win Mount Gear.

(3)        Hell Pass is available from monster drops. Collect certain amount of Hell Pass to enter the next floor.

6.        Double Escort:

(1)        This event starts at 19:00 every day.

(2)        Players who have successfully escorted carriage during event time can obtain double reward.

7.        World Tree Conquest:

(1)        World Tree Conquest starts at 20:30 and the whole event lasts for an hour.

(2)        There are four floor in event area. All players can PK freely in event area.

(3)        Players who have entered the top floor successfully have a chance to challenge final BOSS to win a big prize.

(4)        World Tree Point is a kind of special reward in this event. Player can use it to exchange for reward when the event is over.

8.        Cocktail Party:

(1)  Players can join this party to win huge amount of EXP and Spirit reward.

(2)  Toasting higher quality alcohol drink in the party means obtaining better reward.

(3)  Toast between lovers can get additional Intimacy reward.

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Post time 2017-1-24 17:13:12 |Show all posts
What event or events has the fashion items?

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Post time 2017-1-24 17:37:20 |Show all posts
pinkymmg replied at 2017-1-24 17:13
What event or events has the fashion items?

sadly to get fashion material you need to open your wallet and top out a lot

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Post time 2017-1-26 07:39:40 |Show all posts
But sadly to say most painfull Event is World Tree Conquest, since on server sooner or later like 20 people playing and you cant reach the top. Should be something like if you alone on floor after certain time you get automaticly on next floor ^^

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Post time 2017-2-28 07:31:23 |Show all posts
anyone know how to get truth seeking ball?

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Post time 2017-3-29 17:59:30 |Show all posts
blazeyo replied at 2017-2-28 08:31
anyone know how to get truth seeking ball?

lol u can either top or i believe on a floor of the fruit tree. It gives all 4 types of stones including truth seeking i believe.

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Post time 2017-4-7 03:26:58 |Show all posts
May I ask which time zone does the game follow?

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Post time 2017-4-7 05:48:29 |Show all posts
AronMercer replied at 2017-4-7 09:26
May I ask which time zone does the game follow?

US servers use Central American time (UTC-6), EU uses Central Europe time (UTC+1).
Both times are affected by summer time though

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Post time 2017-10-9 05:28:02 |Show all posts
can i get diamond without top-up or recharge ?

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Post time 2017-10-9 06:05:56 |Show all posts
Darcker13 replied at 2017-10-9 12:28
can i get diamond without top-up or recharge ?

yea there are some events that give you some diamonds.
For every day login some Diamonds.

But the are not permanent.

Just wait for the next one
It "can" come on Halloween

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