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Navigation Pixie Introduction [Copy URL]

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In ALfheim, players used Navigation Pixie to know more basic system information. But in our game, Navigation Pixies are more powerful and useful. They can support you in a battle, even can help you to turn the tables!
Navigation Pixie function is available after Lv7 main quest. Click “Pixie” button to enter Navigation Pixie interface.
Navigation Pixies have a cute appearance. They are always flying around you and try their best to help you. Let’s see what kind of story is behind them.

1.        Cute Dragon
This clingy little dragon is smarter than he looks.

2.        Little Ghost  
This little Ghost represents your friendship in real world. It may help you to survive in this Death Game.

3.        Vengeance Butterfly
The innocent players killed in Death Game didn't find peace. They became this butterfly so to give you the power to revenge!

4.        Pina
A Feathered Little Dragon is easy to be tamed and be turned, it's also a valuable companion that supports you.

5.        Crying Devil
This little Devil cries a lot. But you must admit that it's strong in a battle.

6.        Enigma
No one can tell what it is. The only thing we know is that this kind of creature was found in Aincrad ruins.

7.        Bloody Shadow
Bloody Shadow born in Swords Hell. It can always give you the power to become stronger.

8.        Yui
Her official name is Mental Health Counseling Program 001, an AI in SAO. Now she is your reliable Navigation Pixie.

These little pixies have their unique ability to help you in the battle. But they don’t want to expose their secrets here. If you want to know it, come to find it in game!
There is one thing we have to remind you. All Navigation Pixies are free. VIP players can get them earlier and free players can also get them after sign-in accumulated days.

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thanks for the info

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how can i know how many pixie stone needed?

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KaitoGladiator23 replied at 2017-3-16 01:39
how can i know how many pixie stone needed?

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